why should I attend an interview even I’m not fully qualified, don’t like the company, place, interviewer or ….

why should you accept an interview even you feel your are not fully qualified, don’t like the company, place , interviewer or …

-Well, there are some good things and some bads. Let’s start with the good stuff ..

1- You may actually be qualified. Don’t underestimate yourself when you look at the very long job description and say ” Oh, I don’t know all this stuff, I’m not qualified. They really don’t expect that the candidate will know all the of this, but the best one who will know the most AND have the other non-technical and language skills they are looking for. You may got accepted just because your language is better even you are technically less qualified than the others and this is just example.

2-You will get a new interview experience  and this is the most important point. Absolutely every interview will add a new value to you even if you didn’t do well.

3-See the technology from another approach or prospective.  In many interviews I have went through, I was asked questions that opened my mind to different topics that I was neglecting or didn’t pay attention to them.

4- Hearing about new stuff that you never think they are existed.  Some interviews’ questions will put you in a weird face saying ‘what ?!?!?’ . Don’t take it personal, No one knows every thing :D.  Think positively and add them to your to-do list and study them later.

5- Meeting new people in different positions ( Team Lead, Project Managers, HR ,..) should increase your professional awareness.

6- Meeting different cultures. You should understand the company business field (what they are doing there and what type of projects they are working on). This also will definitely increase you professional awareness.

What about the negative effects for doing this ?

-well, there are also negative effects that may happen through this..

1- The very big one is that you may loss the opportunity for joining this “AMAZING” company. If the company has a good fame , competitive salaries or other good stuff  and you didn’t do well there, you may loss the chance to join it in the mean time (and in the near future as well) because you will not have the chance to be interviewed again soon but may be later.

2- Also you may feel, sorta, bad for not doing well there. Actually you don’t have to after reading this post. As I said, think positively and consider the ” Good Points ” that we discussed in the above paragraph.

3- And finally,  you will spend some money and effort there for the interviews “timing” and “transportation”.  This is the least important aspect in my opinion compared to what you will get.

AND many other things, I will come back when I remember any. Feel free to comment and add your opinion too.

Hope this be useful. Share it if you think it is.