Configure Eclipse to work with C++ and QT

Hi All ,

I Just wanted to provide a guide tutorial to help you for the start up configuration to write GUI apps in C++ using QT library and Eclipse IDE.


Thses configurations done using : eclipse ganymede SR1 and OpenSource QT 4.4.3 . You can Map it easly for any other version .


Step1: Setup Eclipse To Be a C++ IDE Envieonment

– download eclipse here

– inside Eclipse

— Go to help menu and choose softwareupdates

— select Eclipse C/C++ development platform / tools


— This Step is to Install and configure The CDT (C/C++ Development Tools). The CDT is Nedded to provides a fully functional C and C++ IDE for the Eclipse platform .

Click update and wait for installation to finish.

— after finishing , you may restart your PC if u asked to do so.

Step2 : QT configuration

1- download QT , here

2- install it and during installation you may be asked to install MinGW (gcc),this is the C/C++ compiler. Download and nstall it if you already don’t have it installed.

3- build it . Go to start Menu and choose QT > QT command prompt

– write the command “configure” and press Enter .

– Wait for the configuration process to be done. (don’t be in hurry , it takes 15-30 minutes).

– after finish ,you will be informed that Qt is configured for building and asked to write the command “mingw32-make” to build it.

– Wait for the building process , it takes about 1-2 hours according to your PC capabilities.

after finish , close the command Prompt.

Now , You have a fully functional C++ IDE (Eclipse ) and you may Test the configuration by starting a new c++ project and compile and run it .

You also Have the QT library installed and built.

step3: integrate QT with Eclipse

1- download QT Eclipse integration here

2- install it in your System and during installation you will be asked to set the Eclipse path . Browse the file system and select the eclipse path in ur hard drive.

3- To start working , open QT eclipse integration from the path you installed it or from start menu > all programs >QT Eclipse integration and choose

start Eclipse with MinGW


Inside Eclipse , click File menu > New > other ( or press CTRL + N) and select QT as the project type and start



click Next .. and start coding 😉 .

Any correction are welcomed.

good luck

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